NOBIDAN’s Research Committee is involved in a variety of activities and initiatives to support and highlight research that relates to the African American and African Diaspora community.  This includes organizing CPEU webinars in collaboration with NOBIDAN’s Professional Development Committee, supporting research of NOBIDAN student members, and planning Spotlight sessions at FNCE® to elevate research and issues pertaining to the African American community.  Specific examples of research activities include:

  • Survey focusing on the barriers to African Americans to become RDs.
  • Article for submission to the Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics.
  • Spotlight Session at FNCE® 2019, “The Building Blocks of Injustice; Understanding the Complex Connections between Race, Hunger, Poverty and Health Disparities.
  • Online Journal Club on “Health and the Environmental Burden on Minority Communities: From Lead to Toxic Waste” reviewing articles focusing on environmental justice articles by Dr. Jill Johnston, Assistant Professor in the Division of Environmental Health at the University of Southern California.
  • Student research survey project.

Future activities include providing articles for CEU credits in our quarterly Newsletter in collaboration with the Professional Development Committee.

The Research Committee is open to new members and new ideas.  If interested in getting involved or sharing ideas, please contact the Research Committee Chair, Jill White, at