Mission and Vision

A professional organization of nearly 600 African American dietetic and nutrition practitioners as well as members of other ethnic backgrounds committed to our mission. We have served members for over 50 years as a networking group. In 2008, NOBIDAN became the fourth Member Interest Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.


Provide a forum for professional development and support of dietetics, optimal nutrition and well-being for the general public, particularly those of African descent.


  • Lead in the planning, implementation and evaluation of food, nutrition and health service delivery to African-American communities.
  • Promote professional practice, research and educational advancement.
  • Promote cultural competency of NOBIDAN members.
  • Strengthen the influence of the Member Interest Group on professional organizations, policy makers, government and other identified entities through coordinated action.
  • Highlight the contributions of member dietetic practitioners with significant contributions to the Academy and profession.
  • Support leadership development and promote member service utilization.
  • Identify, mentor and support future African-American dietetic leaders in the profession.
  • Maintain a resource directory of NOBIDAN dietetic practitioners and those interested in supporting the Member Interest Group.

Strategic Goals:

  • Provide professional development for NOBIDAN members
  • Facilitate growth of percentage of Black Dietitians in the profession
  • Strengthen organizational capacity and sustainability
  • Promote effective communication between members and to the public