Strategic Plan 2022-2023

A key role of the NOBIDAN incoming Chair, working with the Executive Committee, is to set the direction for the organization.  The Board prioritizes programs, initiatives, and goals to which are in line with the Academy, and is always working proactively to put into place plans to accomplish the focus areas.  Some of the initiatives and goals include:

  • To find ways of increasing member engagement, by offering short-term, focused, flexible leadership opportunities that encourage volunteerism at a variety of levels.

  • Working with the Academy, other MIG partners and allies to encourage NOBIDAN volunteers to seek new ways of increasing awareness of the profession of Nutrition and Dietetics, the National Organization of Dietetics And Nutrition (NOBIDAN) itself, and the trend of the decreasing number of minorities (BIPOP) becoming RD’s and arresting that trend.

    • i.e., Including but not limited to developing video(s) and other materials that can be used in schools and other venues to encourage awareness of dietetics as a career.

  • To maintain and enhance the newly created relationship between the Historically Black Colleges and Universities’ (HBCUs) Dietetic Program Directors and NOBIDAN.

    1. Provide an “at a glance” a yearly calendar listing NOBIDN supported events, and post such on the website to make students and others aware therefore encouraging participation to groom new leaders.

    2. Offer quarterly Zoom meeting for networking and information sharing sessions.

    3. Host annual face to face meetings during FNCE beginning 2022 in Orlando. 

  • To increase the number of NOBIDAN sponsors which will give resources in addition to dues paid by members.  This will allow us to increase students’ scholarships, AND participation, and offering members grants for research and other needs as approved by the Executive Committee.

This strategic plan is designed to continue projects begun under past chairs to position NOBIDAN as a resource, a leader, an advocate, and a voice for the future.