Professional Development

To enhance the professional growth and knowledge of our members, professional development opportunities are provided to NOBIDAN members at all different stages including  RDNs, DTRs, and college and graduate students interested in nutrition and dietetics.

The professional development and educational events include webinars throughout the year, a member meeting CPEU event at FNCE® , journal club sessions via conference call, and CPEU articles in the NOBIDAN e-newsletter.   These activities are organized by our Professional Development Committee, which works in collaboration with other NOBIDAN committees in determining educational topics to be addressed, speakers to pursue, and specific articles to investigate for the journal club events.

If interested in learning more about our Professional development activities, sharing ideas, or completing the process of securing CPEU approval for the events and webinars, please fill out the NOBIDAN CPEU Certificate Request Form.

Past Educational Event Topics Include:

  • Virtual Town Hall: Wellness in the African American and Diaspora Community (4 hour Webinar)

    Topics covered: Childhood Obesity, Nutrition Justice, Shifting to a Wellness Culture, Healthy Lifestyle Practices

  • How to Master the Art of Social Media (Webinar)
  • The Perceptions and Barriers of African Americans Pursuing a Career in Dietetics (Webinar)
  • Growing Incidence of Vitamin D Deficiency in the African American Community (FNCE®)
  • Health and Environmental Burden on Minority Communities: From Lead to Toxic Waste (Journal Club)