Mentorship Program

NOBIDAN’s Mentorship Program was launched  in January 2019 and provides an opportunity for seasoned professionals to give back and mentor students and early career professionals in their journey in the field of nutrition and dietetics.

Since NOBIDAN’s inception in the 1980s, informal mentorship relationships have formed between seasoned and experienced NOBIDAN members and younger dietitians and those still completing their dietetic internships.  The launch of this mentorship program, however, provides a way to solidify these mentor/mentee relationships and establish new ones to support the new cadre of inspired, young Black dietitians and nutrition professionals.

During 2019, 40 NOBIDAN members participated in the program, with 20 mentor and mentees pairs.  Matching is based on specialty areas and interests between the mentors and mentees. The matching process occurs twice a year - in January and in late August/early September.  Expectations for the program include meeting at least 4 times during the relationship and developing realistic professional goals for mentees.


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For more information about NOBIDAN’s Mentorship Program, please reach out to our Mentorship Committee at